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Didn’t sleep well last night as there was a lot of noise being made by some people…typical…Someone from another pitch on the site came and told them to shut up eventually! I then managed to crook my neck this morning putting my bag down awkwardly – wasn’t a good start to the day! Once we were packed up we left the camp at about 6.30am. We only had a short drive to get out of Kruger Park but did see kudu and wild dog on the way out! Apparently it is even more rare to see wild dog than leopard so that was a great spot!

Once out of the park we headed off to do the Panorama Route. Our first stop was God’s Window which is an amazing lookout point over the whole valley. We had a wonder around here and fortunately it was a lovely clear morning so the views were wonderful. Next we stopped at Bourkes Luck’s Potholes which were also good. Had a quick look at the curios as well. Finally we stopped at the Three Rondevaals. All were just as I remember it to be. The drive onewards through the mountain pass was stunning!

We had lunch just before the Animal Rehabilitation centre. On arrival at Moholoholo we watched the vultures feeding – pretty incredible! There were maribu storks and 3 breeds of vultures. We also saw a warthog and a jackal. When we entered the centre we were given a talk by Brian the owner – nuts but fun!

We then started our tour. We saw cerval, several eagles including African brown and martial eagles, ground hornbills, vultures, cheetahs, a leopard, lions, wild dog, honey badgers, dassies and hyena. They are all rescued animals that will hopefully be released back into the wild once they are fit enough. We also saw an injured 4 month old rhino – he was tiny but very cute! It’s a fab centre where a lot of good work is done.

After the visit we headed to our lodge – it was beautiful! The rondevaals are used as bedrooms and are really funky on the outside and classy on the inside! There was even a chocolate on each pillow. Was a lovely place to spend our last night!

After dinner I went to the bar. Most people were there as there was once again football on the TV. Rebecca and I chatted over a bottle of wine. We met some lovely South Africans as well and had a great night! Tired some random shooters as well – a Soweto Toilet and a Volcano – very good!! I finally decided to head to bed about 1am.

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