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We are as I write this in this fair city. I was I have to admit beginning to think I wasn't going to find one in Oz but at last we have one. It has access to the internet YAY. Car Parks, places to eat, public transport, museums, restaurants and is forgive the phrase Fuckin Massive. You see even though it only has 3.1M ranking at 69 for size yet is well below 130 for density. This is because the place is massive. Really big. There aren't really any buildings over one floor unless you get into the CBD (Central Business District) So it is urban sprawl.

The city still has a nice feel and you get the impression you could get what you needed here, though it might take some looking.

We have done some of the tourist things. We went round the Goal where Ned Kelly was Hung. As it turns out his mother was the other side of the wall serving a turn in the womens prison for another offence.

The jailers where colourful characters too, one hangman was a notorious drunk and was regularly picked up for being a vagrant. They use to go out arrest him and jail him the week before a hanging to ensure he was sober. Pay him for his services then release him as the week ended as his time served was also commuted to a week for the job. This was done up until his late 70s and death of old age.

We went to the library to see a magnificent show of medieval scribed art work mainly in religious books. Most of which were from the UK. I had to laugh.

We spent a rather good day at a Games development show. This started with the very first games and went on to modern ones, expaining the development and tech changes that allowed them. All the games could be played on their original formats. It started with Pong, Packman, Missile Defence, Asteroids, Space invaders, Elite and went on to Street fighter, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, FFVII, Bubble Bobble, Metal gear solid, Monkey Ball all the way up to New releases and Massive multi player on line games. Halo 3, WOW, and GTO4.

It also covered the range of consoles from the zx80 /81, Nes, Master System, Mega Drive, Dream Cast, SuperNES, X Box, P1-P4, Game boy, Game Gear, PSP, Geo and so on. All playable with some of the most well know known games from their time. Really good fun and entertaining.

I'm off after finishing this to find a pint of Guiness I'm gasping and haven't had one in 6 months.

Actually screw writing any more I'm off now. Guiness its a way of life, unless you drink 30 pints then it's a way to die :-)

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