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Ron, son Bill, and Bill's wife Peggy at Red Lobster

Mischief and mayhem in Bill and Peg's back yard--Ernie, Teddy and Lacie

Bill & Peg have a beautiful yard--and it has FINALLY quit raining!

Bill doing some tweaking of the roof components

Peggy doing some much needed cleaning on the roof


An old-fashioned cook out--burgers, beans, corn and taters

Even the barns are friendly in Wisconsin

Tempel Farms, home of the famed Lippizaner stallions

A Lippizaner Performance--The Capriole maneuver in the "Airs Above the Ground"

Burlington WI is a lovely town near Union Grove

Burlington, home of the Nestle Chocolate Factory==see the chocolate horse in the...

Another big hunk of chocolate

Burlington is also home of the Best Burger--we had to see for...

A famous Wisconsin "Friday Fish Fry"

Union Grove WI is a beautiful small town located just west of Racine and Kenosha...and it is also the home of son Bill and his wife Peggy--and dog-buddies Teddy and Ernie. We were able to fit the coach into their driveway, and we even had 50 amp service!

It has been a little over a year since we saw Peg and Bill and it was wonderful to see them again! Our visits with them are not as frequent as we would like due to the distance involved.

The weather turned nice after ALL the rain we have seen since.....well, Virginia. It was cool and breezy and not too humid--giving us some of those lazy, crazy days of summer. We got some much-needed help from the "young-uns" with cleaning and maintenance of the coach


Several side trips were fun as well: We went to the Tempel Lipppizaner Horse farm where we were able to see the famed Lippizaner horses; unfortunately there were no performances

while we were there, but if you have never seen them, the Lippizaners are a truly magnificent sight. Termed "Horses of Battle -- Horses of Ballet", they originate from the old jousting days of the Renaissance period, and the horses were trained to protect their riders by special movements such as rearing and jumping with all four feet off the ground. Their front hooves were used to unseat the opponent in this maneuver. It is really quite a sight to see. The horses are big and well muscled--they have to be to do the jumps as well as (in the olden days) carry a rider in full armor! To see videos of these magnificent stallions please Click Here. Then click on enter, and, on the next page, on the left, click on "Airs Above the Ground". There are other sites as well -- just do a search for "Lippizaner".

Another fun place is Burlington WI--home of Tony Romo (there are signs all over town to remind you of this!). Burlington is one of those towns that really stands out as a place you want to visit, return to and remember. It has charm

and is also the home of the Nestle Chocolate Factory

and ALSO the home of "Freds Worlds Best Burger" -- of course we had to check this out! Yummmm--maybe not World's Best, but definitely worth a stop--and best burger since Punta Gorda FL!

After five wonderful days, the weather turned humid as it often does in the east, and the mosquitoes ganged up on us and it was time to say farewell. We are heading west and hopefully to some drier air!

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