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View from RV park on shores of L. Michigan in Two Rivers,...

A bridge waiting for a train......

The Ice Cream Sundae was "invented" here in Two Rivers, WI

Edward Berner, the guy who invented the ice cream sundae

Manitowoc, a sister city of Two Rivers, is the home of a...

They look like paper labels but the picture is painted on

Manitowoc's downtown has a lot of historic buildings

The County Courthouse--a real beauty

The quick way to get to Michigan--the car ferry named the "Badger"

On our way to visit son Bill and his wife Peggy, we stopped in the Two Rivers-Manitowoc area. As are many eastern towns, they are steeped in history. Two Rivers is the home of the ice cream sundae, which is still served in the same building as it was when Edward Berner added toppings to a dish of ice cream. These toppings were served on Sundays and thus the name. Ummmm--they sure do taste better here! The town has a celebration each summer. Two Rivers is also the home of the original wood block printing process, and there is a museum explaining its importance to the printing industry. The town also has a historic fishing village, with buildings and boats that date back to the last century.

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