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061808 – We had a pretty soggy night in the tent given the T-showers the previous evening. We got up around 8am, secured the campsite, and left in search of food. I have not felt like cooking since doing battle with my illness, but overall believe that I am now on the mend. I had more energy and wanted to run but decided I should wait a few days based on Nicole’s counsel.

We had breakfast at an Awful House (the kids enjoyed the largest combination offered). We were served by a waitress who clearly was not enjoying life which afforded me another opportunity to compare and contrast alternative career paths for the boys. We spent a lot of time continuing our discussion around Neil’s school situation in Hawaii.

After breakfast we drove to Myrtle Beach. I wanted the kids to experience a trashy beach strip, one of many around the world. We discussed how such environments come into existence and the relative opportunities and dangers of spending time in them. We then played a round of miniature golf. Neil and I tied the game.

After golf we grabbed some sandwiches (after all it had been nearly 3 hours since they had eaten) and drove back to the park for a guided tour of the Huntington’s beach mansion. The kids enjoyed the tour. Keane enjoyed hanging out in the Bear cages that Mrs. Huntington used to keep her sculpture subjects.

After the tour we drove back to Georgetown and visited a small museum which included displays on the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Rice Industry and many others. The kids continue to be fascinated by weaponry. This was followed by time at a local café on the boardwalk to give me time on my computer while Neil and Keane played chess and read their books. We then had dinner at an Italian restaurant and returned to camp. Played more chess (I lost one to Neil and then one stalemate). Neil has certainly benefited from his training. I must spend some more time learning the game. We went to bed around midnight and slept without the fly on the tent.

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