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It's our street in Sydney! It must be Chippendale!!

Quiet innit?!

A nice cosy 'village like' atmosphere - yet you can walk to...

Broadway - on the way to the city!

The classified section! It's how we found our flat!

Not far from our flat - University of Technology - Sydney. The...

There are flash types everywhere!

Helen in the CBD - Must be George Street!

Gareth and Helen wander the streets looking for a Juice Bar!

World Tower grows out of Gareth's head.

You can press the button to get across the road - but...

Over to Manpower Andrew's for a quick party before Kings X

Gareth looking chirpy at Andrew's house on Saturday night.

Some of the German folk at Andrew's house.

Did you see all the beers in the last pic? Shocking drinkers,...

Here's more of those EU hellcats.

Helen and G at Andrew's 'Soiree'.

Andrew SMILING!!!!!!!

That little bugger wants to suck your blood. brrrr.


The iconic Coca-Cola sign at Kings Cross

Did you know that if you put a 2 pence coin in...

The rather random (yet retro) water feature in Kings Cross

The classy end of town (+ Mc Donalds!!!)

Helen and Gareth at 'Soho Bar', Kings Cross

Gareth and Helen at Soho as the vodka kicks in!

Soho's rather funky chill-out room. We approve.

On the way back to the city, rather early in thge morning...

Gareth takes a rather moody picture of a phone box. Hmmm.

AMP tower - Yay!

AMP Tower (Is it leaning over?!)

Hyde Park at night - aren't the lights nice!!!?

Saturday looked like it was going to chuck it down (a great Aussie weekend tradition), but somehow, just somehow, the sun just held out.

Kings Cross - not for the weak.

Although the CBD (Central Business District) is a great and grand area, with enough attractions to keep the average tourist busy, it seems to have about as much character as a box of marbles, what with all the skyscrapers etc. The pubs along George Street are equally as dull, with the 'Backpacker Mecca', The Three Wise Monkeys, the Irish Bars of Scuffy Murphys and Paddy Maguires ("Hi I'm Paddy from Ireland, hows about yourself?" etc etc) and other plain efforts such as Jacksons. They're good for a few weeks, but we quickly got bored.

The bars can be good at times, but unless you're looking to meet a scruffy Englander / Irishman (Did I really travel 13,000 miles to meet more of the same??) you have to dig a little deeper into the scene.

Of course, there's always Darling Harbour (the tourists just love this place), with its bright lights and fancy cocktails, but again, it's just not the real Sydney.

If you want to see Sydney really being itself, then you have to head east! The districts of Surry Hills, Oxford St, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross show off what this city is made of...

It's true to say that Sydney has it's fair share of freaks, and most of them are huddled up in the above districts and you need to see it to believe it! Most of these guys have great characters and truly make the place. They're not difficult to spot.

In a nutshell, you firstly have Oxford Street, the fantastically gay and lesbian area of Sydney - and it's very much out there and liberal. If you are ever in the area check The Columbian bar for a lesson in all things open. Some of the bars out in this area are great - we've had a top time in them! Us Cornish folk have never seen the like!

Kings Cross is more sleazy I'd say, Sydney's self proclaimed red light district, but then it also houses some of the coolest bars and clubs that I've seen in Sydney. Worthy of note are Soho and Bourbon. If you are ever in Sydney you MUST try to get to Oxford St and Kings Cross - these places contain the true night-time of this great city.

So, Saturday was spent in Kings Cross, hanging out and getting a feel for the place. We also went to Andrew (Manpower)'s house for some beers (cheers mate!) and he also seemed to attract the total contingient of germans in Australia to his house. Gareth was giving a bit of the old "Zwei Grosse Bier bitte" etc etc. Of course, his German was useless, but it was all good fun in the end!

So cheers to Andrew and ta to Kings Cross for a top night - enjoy all the photos! We think they're great!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen, with the countdown at 3 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

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