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061708 – We left Savannah around 9:00am to begin our leisurely drive to Huntington Beach State Park in SC. The drive was improved because we advanced further than originally planned on the previous let. We were on the highway for about 40 minutes when Keane began negotiating for food………the focal point in his life despite many attempts to keep him focused on the quest for knowledge and adventure.

We soon found a lone Subway which was conveniently placed in support of my emergency stop in response to my worsening stomach condition. While the kids secured food, I found facilities………perhaps a bit too late.

After we ate our Brelunch I found a package of boiled peanuts. The kids and I devoured these in about 10 minutes. They enjoyed the experience. Before we could escape the store, Keane noticed the fireworks section and convinced me to buy a package of M-90’s. After all, you never know when you will need to blow something up. He is always thinking…….food, guns, and explosives. Takes after his old man.

After another two hours we arrived for our pit stop in Charleston, SC. I wanted the boys to visit the Battery and catch a glimpse of Fort Sumter, the starting point for hostilities during the War Between the States. The boy’s enjoyed a photo session with the big guns and mortars on display at the Battery. We then drove by Rainbow Row and the market and then over the new bridge to Mt. Pleasant. I had forgotten that they had torn down the old bridges which were built in support of WWII. I used to drive the submarine up the river and pass beneath the old bridges on my way to the weapons station to load or offload missiles. The kids tried to get me to stop at Patriot’s Point, but we had to keep moving on.

We took a quick pit stop on the Isle of Palms to see the beach house that their mother and I rented before moving to Hawaii. Keane asked Neil if he remembered the house and we had to have a timeline discussion given that Neil was born in Hawaii…….their current home resulting from contacts made during my assignment at Pearl Harbor.

We then continued up the coast to Georgetown where we stopped for Ice Cream. We wanted to visit the Rice Museum, but could did not have enough time. After enjoying the town for a couple of hours and purchasing more books for the boys and I to read we continued to our final destination.

We setup the tent and then went back to the 17 in search of a laundry mat. While we were in Savannah our dirty clothes began to decompose and the odor and thriving bug colony required eradication. On the way out of the park we saw about a dozen alligators. The kids once again tried to convince me to get the bow and arrows out so we could kill one for dinner and boots. I once again declined.

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