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061308. We all got up relatively early. The kids were excited to spend the day canoeing in the swamps. We had breakfast, bought every available drink we could find (all of the water at the campsite was murky—but supposedly potable—I decided not to take a chance), and went to pickup the canoe. While trying to get the canoe in the water, I was trying to get Keane engaged, but found him fixated on a small alligator that was swimming nearby.

We got underway and immediately began fishing. We tried piece of tackle that I had. The fish were jumping all around us, but had no takers for what we had to offer. We saw a number of turtles and a few alligators as we paddled the swamps for hours. This is an incredible environment. After enjoying the relief of a powerful thunderstorm, the kids lost interest in fishing and we began our efforts to collect fishing tackle that was stuck in trees and bushes along the shoreline. Over a three hour period the kids recovered more than 30 bobbers, several spinners, and numerous sinkers and hooks.

Upon our return we saw a couple of alligators swimming in front of us so we decided to get closer. One submerged adjacent to the canoe and then surfaced for a minute to splash Neil. He was a bit startled but enjoyed the experience.

Just before we returned to camp we saw a dead largemouth bass floating in the river. A large turtle was munching on the rotting fish. Given the need for Catfish bait we swung by and I cut a large chunk out of its side.

We returned after 7 hours on the water with mild sunburns covering the few spots we missed with sunscreen. While I was doing the laundry the kids went to the water park (a system of sprinklers spraying murky water for the kids). They enjoyed the park for about 10 minutes before it began to downpour for two hours. They enjoyed the rain, but did not enjoy the soggy sleeping arrangements.

For dinner we had another LBB supplemented with pinto beans. After dinner Neil played guitar on the dock behind the campsite as the sun went down. There was an interesting low hanging fog on the swamp. While playing guitar and fishing for catfish with the rotten bass, 5 alligators swam within 30 feet of Neil and just hung out and listened to him play. I think that they were hoping for a snack, but Neil was convinced that it was his music.

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