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A Fijian School

Me and some school kids


Village chief preparing the Kava

Me and Matt drinking the Kava

Waliotua Village

Volivoli Beach


I didn’t really like Suva that much – its nice to see the capital, but I didn’t really come to Fiji to see cities. So I was quite glad to board the bus again. Our stop this time was Wailotua Village where we visited a local school. That was really nice actually – got ambushed by loads of kids who literally insisted you took their photo. And when you did they just stuck there fingers up at you! (I don't think they knew what it meant, but it did make me feel like I was back in Salford again). The classrooms were tiny and had about 30 kids per class. But I was surprised at how good their English was. All of them good speak fluent Fijian and English no problem.

We then went to see the chief of the village in a sevu-sevu - another Kava ceremony. Basically you sit down in a semi circle around the cheif who offers you the kava. You clap once, say "bula!" (means welcome/hello/thankyou) and throw it down the hatch. Clap three more times and say "mava" (means empty). The girls then got to escape - but us boys had to finish the bowl of with the cheif. Needless to say I had a pretty numb tongue at the end of it all.

We spent the night at Volivoli beach - which was really nice. The sun had decided to show again so we played volleyball (Top Gun style - complete with high fives) until the evening then for the rest of the night had beers around a beach bonfire.

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