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In Suva

Anna (our guide) and me

Today was amazing. We went for a hike in a rainforest and got caught in a tropical rainstorm on the way - it was awesome. I felt like I was an extra in Platoon or something. Wading waist deep through forst streams - I have never been so wet in my life. But it was still quite warm so all good. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures without drowning my camera, but it was kind of nice just to enjoy the experience for a change without having to worry about taking pictures all the time. The highlight had to be climbing up a muddy little trek for half an hour or so and then emerge at the top to see this amazing river carving its way through a valley of trees. Apparantly they used this river to film Anaconda on (you know that blockbuster smash with a heart warming performance from Ice Cube and J Lo). We all got given rubber rings and tubed our way down the currents. Very surreal, you felt completely isolated from the world.

After drying off we reached the capital city of Fiji - Suva and spent the night in a Irish Pub. They get everywhere. Sitting there with a pint of Guinness it was quite hard to believe I was on a tiny country in the middle of the South Pacific.

In the pub we made the discovery that Anna (our guide) was actually born after me but is older. On paper she is born 6 hours after me, but because of the time difference in reality she was born before me. just a random little face I thought that you would all appreciate!

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