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Natadoia Beach


Malomalo Village

Ben, me and David looking good with sarongs and flowers


Mango Bay

Eating at Mango Bay

It felt finally good to escape my hotel and finally do some proper travelling. So first we were led to Nadi Town, which is ā€“ well quaint. Still we managed to find a really good fresh fruit and veg market where I managed to get about 20 bananas for dirt cheap. And we all know how I like to save money (sorry Jo, but I did go for two entries without mentioning money).

After that we headed to my first beach of the holiday and it was ace. The sea water felt more like a bath than anything else. The waves were pretty good so we all grabbed some body boards and were pretty soon surfing back to the shore. After a quick barbeque we were at our next stop ā€“ Malomalo, a traditional Fijian village. Out of respect for the villagers we all head to wear sarongs and our guide Anna made sure we looked our best by putting flowers in our hair. You wear it on the right hand side if you are in a relationship and on the left if you are single (I think).

Another hour in the bus and it was time to go sand boarding (Iā€™m getting quite good at it now) and after getting whiplash we were all at our hostel for the night (Fiji's first flashpacker resort apparantly). We all had to take part in a traditional Kava ceremony to welcome us into hostel - so we are no longer guests but friends. (we still had to pay though, some friends). I'm not sure what kava is exactly but it looks (and tastes) like muddy water and made my tongue feel numb.

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