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Hello, Chris here,

Still in Borneo as I type. We have moved on from Kuching and are now in the east of Borneo in a place called Sandakan.

Before we left Kuching we went off to the Orangu-tans in one of the rehab centers. When we set out it was bright sunshine which soon turned into a some of the heaviest rain that we have both ever seen. So we got drenched. The plus side was that we did see one of the biggest and 'best' Orangutans in the park, a chap by the name of Richie. We were warned as we went into the park that if Richie turned up for feeding time then we should not go near him. The center is a big open park which takes in any primates that have been in captivity or kept as pets. Richie was rescued by a writer by the name of Mr Richie and put in the park in 1989. The reason we were told we should not go near him is that he was kept in a cage for the best part of 8 years, so in the words of our driver "He's got a chip in his shoulder and isn't too keen on humans!!!" As we walked into the park there was Richie sitting eating melons. We didn't get too close because he was about the size of me and weighed 122kg. A pretty impressive sight which turned out to be a really good trip. We also saw 5 other orangutans! wow.

We flew across to Kota Kinabalu on Monday. The flight you will be pleased to hear was great. No Air Asia in sight, we flew with Malaysia Airlines. KK smells pretty much the same as Kuching. Of Poo. The drains are pretty much all open topped and with all the rain it stinks where ever you go. The people in Borneo seem to be pretty friendly. Every so often we hear a hello shouted from somewhere. We always look round to see where it comes from and to say hello back but most of the time you never see who shouted it as they have disappeared . We call them the 'Sniper Hello People'.

On Thursday we moved on from KK and caught the bus to a place called Sandakan. The bus journey was a monster 7 hour job. It was fairly comfortable and we managed to watch not one but three Dennis Quaid movies as the conductor was obviously given the back catalogue for Christmas. On the journey we passed by Mt Kinabalu which was huge and Sarah now want s to climb. Its half the size of blooming Everest!!!! Good job we will run out of time before heading back to Bali!

We have booked into a nice 'hotel' in the town called the Mayfair (opposite end of the scale to the one in London!). Its got loads of satellite channels on the tv and last night we sat in bed watching live tennis from Queens. Very civilized indeed. The grumpy owner of the hotel also has the biggest collection of movies at reception which you can watch in you room. They are all cataloged, with one section called 'Gigantic animal movies!'

We have had a good look around the town with plenty of Sniper Hello s going on. Its quite a shabby place with lots of highriseness going on. We went on the Town Heritage walk this morning which was pretty heritage-less, so just a walk really.The weather is still hot and humid and I have got a cob on just sitting here writing this mail!

Both really well and still enjoying the life of the hobo!

Chris and the Barnsoir

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