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060708 Neil, Keane, and I woke around 6AM. I prepared French toast with the stale bread left over from our Fondue experience. The kids enjoyed it very much. Keane gave me my Fathers Day gift. None of us realized that we were not only on the wrong day, but off by a full week. Keane gave me a very nice pocket knife with my name engraved on the handle from the Grand Canyon store.

After eating breakfast they both disappeared – back to bed for another 2 hours. This gave me time to get things in order and prepare for the hikes that day. When the kids got up we quickly moved campsites (could not book one site for two consecutive nights) and then prepared for a day of hiking around the North Rim. We had planned to complete 10 miles given that we were not travelling.

Our first hike of the day began at Point Imperial at an elevation of 8,803 feet. It was a bit chilly so we layered up and started down the Point Imperial Trail to Saddle Mountain. What a beautiful day. The wind was howling through the new growth poplars yielding a very eerie atmosphere. Keane was disturbed by this. However, he felt much better when I told him that these were the voices of a creature called a Sleestak which inhabited the North Rim that fed on children between the ages of 8 and 11. The first 2 miles were pretty smooth and then we hit a rough spot where the trail had not been maintained. We had to climb over more than 30 trees which the kids enjoyed.

When we reached the trail head at Saddle Mountain Keane needed a break so I let him sit down for a bit. Of course we had long discussions about the ailment know as “Bench Butt” which is related to the common ailment of soldiers known as “Trench Foot”. Too much time sitting on benches rather than hiking can cause a loss of circulation which in the worst case scenario can lead to amputation of the butt cheeks. Keane did not appear concerned.

On the return trip Keane had a brand new experience in the woods. Despite painful efforts to make it back to the trail head at Point Imperial, he decided to have his first BMW (no, not the car). There is nothing like your first BM in the woods. Despite careful instruction by his father on the proper technique, he made a few minor mistakes which will ensure that he never makes them again! I shall say no more about the experience.

Upon returning to Point Imperial I prepared a warm lunch on my backpacking stove which consisted of a mixture of Risotto and canned beans. We called this WBRS (Weird Bean and Risotto Soup). I did not get any complaints as the soup was consumed in about 2 minutes.

After Point Imperial we began our slow trip to Cape Royal. We hiked the short Roosevelt Point trail, the Walhalla Overlook Trail, and the Cape Royal Trail. The kids really enjoyed climbing over Angels Window. I was not as pleased. Throughout the day we had many spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. Lot’s of pictures to share in the future.

Upon returning to the camp site I began cooking dinner which was Pasta and Salad. The boys had showers, did a load of laundry, and we then enjoyed a session signing impromptu songs about Keane and our experiences that day. We had a blast disturbing our neighbors.

We are now going to bed at 10 PM given that we have to leave early tomorrow.

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