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060508 – 2022 Neil, Keane, Hitch and I are sitting by the fire after enjoying pasta and homemade sauce. Keane just poured out his coffee after experimenting with vanilla extract to improve its flavor. Necessity and innovation? This morning marked the beginning of Adventure 2.0. This is the sequel to Adventure 1.0 which took place in Europe in December 2006 (breaking into castles, Italian police with UZI’s, Horse Meat Fondue and much more).

We jumped in the car at 0710, reset the trip meters and hit the I5. I could tell that Nicole was not happy with our departure. It is unfortunate that this time circumstances prevented her from joining us. I hope that next time we do a long one she will join the adventure. Without adventure life would be meaningless.

We were in the car for approximately 6 hours prior to reaching our first stop at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. This time in the car is a key component of our adventure because it provides an inescapable platform to have meaningful discussions. According to my calculations I should have the boy’s captive in this fashion for at least 150 hours this summer. Finally some real communication…..I hope.

Today we read the first chapter in the Art of War. Rather than use this as a framework for strategic thinking in Business or War…….our focus will be winning in School. I want my boys to optimize their chances of making it through a PhD program before being constrained by the real world. With this critical first step complete then all that life may offer follows……..even if they choose waste management as their desired career path. The discussion hinged on what I believe are two of the most important concepts in the first chapter including the definition of Moral Law and when it is appropriate to use deception as a tactic to win vs. an integrity violation. Yes, these are isolated elements in the chapter one story, but they are the most complicated pieces to rationalize.

What is moral law? Which moral law is the right one? Moral law as organized and harnessed team PASSION is perhaps a better explanation in this context. Let the force with the most pervasive common passion have the edge. But, doesn’t moral law cause war? Yes. An ideal world would be devoid of any separation or distinction that creates conflict…but this is not reality. When is the use of deception to win appropriate? When is deception an integrity violation? We will answer that one later…………it is really quite obvious.

We had a wonderful 5 mile hike to the snow line. We are camping at an elevation of about 9000 feet. It will be cold tonight. This environment is in sharp contrast to the Las Vegas Strip……….one of the stops on our trip today. One moment you see a fake Eiffel tower, the next you are hiking through snow with no cell phone signal. Such a great contrast. I prefer hiking through snow. The kids are having fun. They are enjoying the government -issue underwear that we bought at the Veterans thrift store. Let’s see what they think in the morning.

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