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Clock Tower in Cape Town Harbor

Hm, Which Way to Missoula?

Cape Town Harbor & Tourist Center

Cape Town Skyline and Table Mtn.

Vine St? - Cape Town

Classic Archetecture on d? St.

More Classic Archetecture on d? St.

Bill, You Never Told Us!

The Citidel

View of Cape Town from Below the Cable Car

At Cable Car Lift Off - Too Windy to Lift Off

View of Cape Town from Below the Cable Car

View of Cape Town from Below the Cable Car

Tour Down the Coast to ??

Along the Coast N. of Cape Town

Coast Road Tour

Looking Back at ? Famous for It Surfing and Perfect Waves

View of Twelve Apostles Above ? Coast Town

More Coast & Surf

More Coast & Surf

Oldest Working Lighthouse in S. Africa

Great View of Table Mtn...The Only One W/O ?Clouds in 3 Days


Spent day on internet trying to catch up w/ the pics, etc...Bon to PT again, seems to be helping alot. Got to bus station by 4 pm and Tim got a bit of grief from Bon for being anxious since we now waited(I read) for an hour before the Intercape Sleeper arrived and we got on. It left right on time at 5, very comfortable 150 degree reclining seats plus a movie! We arrived an hour early on the 10th at 1 pm...hiked up Long St to the Cape Town Backpackers (Lea & Martina - very helpful)in an old Victorian home, very nice and an 8 person dorm all to ourselves! Went out to explore this end of town and found this very fast internet where Bon continued her pursuit of visas and info to try and expedite our attempts to secure at least 2 visas here in S. Africa(India & China) since Russia will have to wait until Turkey-Istambul.


Woke up to pouring rain outside...not what we had in mind. Slow start instead of up and out to tour the city i.e. grab the cable car(not running due to winds) or boat to Robben Is.(not running due to rough sea). We ended up at the harbor (2nd busiest after Durban) and checked out the shopping! Finally, it cleared enuf to go on bus tour, stopping at District 6 Museum - the place is dedicated to the people who lived there (estab. in 1867) freed slaves, merchants, artisans, laborers, & immigrants who were forcibly removed in 1901 and then again under apartheid 60,000 forcibly removed and houses flattened by bulldozers! The recent violence has once again brought home the need to be constantly working toward communication & understanding between ALL peoples. The museum staff put out a strongly worded statement condemning all forms of displacement through violent means.

We have decided to extend our visit to Cape Town another day hoping for better weather and a chance to do the two above mentioned activities.


Well, our extension did not pan out...windy and no trip up the cable car or boat to Robben Is.! So we decided to head S. to Simon town.

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