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Yesterday (Saturday) Chris and I had planned to go to Rotterdam, rent bikes at the train station and then ride out to the Kinderdjik to see all the windmills. We trammed then trained to Rotterdam but when we got to the bike rental shop the two guys in front of us got the last two men's bikes, and the shop guy didn't seem to think that it was appropriate for Chris to ride a women's bike, so we decided we'd hoof it. I was bummed about the bikes but I probably would have crashed in the tram tracks so it was probably best to be on my feet instead.

After a long, long, meandering walk through Rotterdam and two ferry rides, we finally made it out to the windmills on the Kinderdjik. The Kinderdjik has 23 windmills along the canal dating as far back as the 1700s. It was so pastoral and peaceful. There were ducks swimming in the canal among the lillypads and tall grass swaying in the breeze, except for the mounds of goose poop covering the walking path, it was a very pleasant stroll. I really new I was in Holland when I saw a man wearing wooden shoes!

We also stopped for some famous Dutch pancakes (and a Heinies) at an outdoor cafe. Yummy! So I've experienced almost all the quintessential "Dutch" things - pancakes, beer, windmills, canals, wooden shoes but no bikes! The Dutch are crazy about (and on) their bikes. I guess I'll save that for next time.

Today, Chris will drive me to Haarlam and I'll meet up with my tour group this afternoon. Can't wait to hit the road and see the best of Europe!

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