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Packed up and went across to the Santa Monica Pier. There is a theme park on the pier called Pacific Park. We walked along the pier and then drove across to Venice Beach again. We did some souvenir shopping and then hit the road not knowing where we would stay that night. We drove into Hermosa Beach, which had been a suggestion from my drunken friend in San Fran, and it looked like the biggest party town so we decided to spend two nights here. We found accommodation at the Hermosa Hotel and made our way down to the beach which had plenty of pubs to choose from. We walked to the pier where we saw a guy hit another guy with a skateboard and that set the tone for the evening.

We settled on a pub right on the beach for dinner and drinks. A girl was performing in the pub as her boyfriend had passed out on the floor. The waitress dealing with the girl eventually grabbed the girl in a headlock from behind and dragged her out of the pub. We were shocked!!!! After dinner we tried to get into a club and the boys were bounced for wearing shorts so we went back to the hotel to change. We found a pub that had a band playing which was great. We had "the Dizzy" drink, a type of fishbowl. Some random dude started throwing $1 bills around some girl and Steve and Mark dived in to get as many $1 as possible. It was hilarious. At 1:30 we were kicked out and it was decided that McDonalds was in order. So we started the trek to the 24 hour drive through. On the way we saw another crazy scene. Some dude had been tied up and gagged and was lying on the floor with a pillow covering his head. We got out of there as quick as we could.

We got to the drive through and they refused to serve us as we were walking through the drive through. The cops were sitting outside the McDonalds and Mark asked me to ask them to drive us through the drive through. I refused, fearing arrest for drunk in public, and we resorted to catching a cab to go through the drive through and take us home. We got the McDonalds after abusing the guy at the counter, not the greatest idea as he made sure our cab ride was as long as possible by dragging out the service. We went to the pool at the hotel and happily ate our McDonalds.

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