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We have left Bali and are now in Kuching in the west of Borneo.

Very funny day of travelling to get over here from Bali. We sorted out a lift to the airport from one of the waiters from the bar which we used to have our happy hour beers from. This lad was only 19 and couldn't drive so he had to get his brother to drive us in. Issue number 1 came up when we explained to him we wanted picking up at from our hotel at 1145am on the Thursday. He happily appeared at our hotel room at 1100pm on Wednesday night just as we were going to bed!!! I then explained to him that it was 1145am the next morning. He then appeared at 1100 the next morning with the worlds smallest car and it was a struggle to get our bags in. Halfway to the airport the car ran out of fuel and the driver just ran off. He appeared 10 mins later with two vodka bottles of fuel and off we went again.

We eventually got the airport and Sarah sampled her very first Big-Mac as we had not had beef for over a month. She didn't like it!!! Probably because it didn't really taste of beef, just that usual Mcdonalds taste.

Our flight over on Air Asia left pretty much on time. Air Asia seems to be pretty much the Asian version of Easyjet....only worse. We had a drama at check in that Air Asia only lets you take 15kg of luggage and 7kg of handbags. When we checked in our hold bags they weighed 20 each!!! It was then time to implement Operation 'Slim-Down'. Literally all of our belongings had to be strewn over the check in area so we could decide what to throw out or else they would have charged us about 30 quids. The stuff we threw away we handed over to the check in bloke. We managed to get our bags down to the required weight. Needless to say there is now probably some Bali check in chap wearing Sarah old denim skirt and carrying around my leather-man multitool!!

The flight over was horrendous as we flew through thuderstorms on our way into Kuching. Also throughout the whole flight the young lad sat behind me decided to play 'let's kick Chris chair' game. He also found it great fun to bounce the table. I didn't find it great fun. Sarah just slept as per Standard!

Any how we are now here in Kuching and we are having a great time. The city is set on a river and has some great old colonial buildings dotted around. The Chinese influence is massive. Everything is written in Chinese and the food stalls are all seving Chinese foods of varying descriptions. Sarah and I have been ultra adventurous and have been eating mainly at the roadside vendors. We found this one place yesterday that was serving some great looking bun things. I asked the shop owner what they were but I couldn't understand what she said so we bought them and ate them anyway. They tasted really nice, but we still do not know what was in them!

Staying in a small, cheap and clean 'hotel' which is only costing about 7.50 a night. It got the added bonus of the owners 3 year old running through the halls at 6.30 in the morning screaming!! Nice touch.

Both really well and having an ace time

Chris and Sarah

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