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A slight "shower"

Just a bit of drizzle???!

Our 'high-tech' diary system - everything a backpacker needs!!

Friday night - into town on t'bus!

Helen in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Toy of the moment! Everybody wants one!!

Dave and Kerrin in Sydney

QVB and World tower in the distance

Dave and Kerrin at QVB - arty eh?

The MLC building in Sydney!

Mmmmm.... TOOHEYS! It's all good! (says the advert!)

Helen and Kerrin at CBD Hotel

Dave and Kerrin 'between drinks' at the CBD Hotel!

Only 58 seconds to the Cargo Bar...

Darling Harbour from a different angle

Dave and Kerrin at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour at night

Helen at Homebar - Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour! Texting AGAIN!!!

Homebar!! Anywhere that plays "I Can't get no sleep" (copyright remix) by...

Gareth at Darling Harbour

Helen takes a quick sip!

The flags on the quay

Helen and Dave at Cockle Bay Wharf

Dave and Kerrin at Tumbalong Park

The water feature at Tumbalong Park

Tumbalong Park

Sydney Entertainment Centre

World Tower and Ernst and Young Building! Love the blue 'lump' on...

Close up!

Outside Sydney Entertainment Centre

This building is known as 'The Peak' !!


More Chinatown!

End of a long night - Helen is a bit 'tipsy' at...


Hi everyone,

Thunder and lightning!

Greetings from Xhu Shaui's laptop. Shaui is our housemate, and prefers to be known as Steve, which is nice. And easy. Last time we updated the site we walked out of the internet cafe into the biggest rainstorm we've ever seen. It was literally like stepping into a shower. Of course it was all joined by the obligatory thunder and lightning that seems to join rainstorms in Sydney. We made our way through the torrents of water that were gliding across the roads. Eventually we made our way slowly home, with our dodgy $5 umbrellas! Just before we got home there was an almighty flash of light in front of us, followed by the biggest crashing sound we've ever heard. A bolt of lightning had hit the road about 20 metres in front of us. Helen screamed and nearly leapt about 3 metres in the air, whilst Gareth randomly ran forward for about 3 seconds. The noise echoed around for about 20 or so seconds and it was surely one of the most frightening moments of our trip so far. The sheer noise was incredible. It came so quickly after the flash that we had no time to prepare. It sounded like an articulated lorry driving straight into Woolworths. Ouch!

Our last Friday night out in Sydney (um, except for the next one...)

For one last time we met up with Dave and Kerrin, as we went on one more joint epic journey about the town. We've always enjoyed meeting up with those guys as they a) put up with Gareth and b) appreciate the social life. We always have stories of work and times back in the UK to talk about and we always have a laugh. Dave and Kerrin are also moving on this week, as they've also reached the end of their stint in Sydney. This town has looked after us well, but it's time to pack our bags and move on before it makes us stay!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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