CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

My next door neighbour - the Prime Minister

My boat stop to college everyday

The journey into college - I really miss the tube!

Kirribili (on the right) - the area where I am staying

One of the friendly ferries that ship me off to college each...

Hi All

Not much to report really but just wanted to add a few pics on the website. They are not very intersting but I thought it might me nice for the folks at home to have an idea of where I am in Sydney.

I am in my final week of my CELTA course. Its been very hard work and the teaching practise has been really nerve wracking but I've really enjoyed it and met some lovely people from all walks of life.

I finish next friday and hopefully pass and will be flying to Melboure the next day to meet cj for her birthday

I'll be really sad to leave Sydney as I was beginning to feel quite a home here but move on I must!

Happily though I am not saying goodbye for good as I'm going back next month to meet my John (my brother) who's stopping over for 3 days. I'm really looking forward to seeing him - it will be so nice to have antoher Marshall over here albeit fleetingly!

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