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Overcast today & cooler! Breakfast was another feast – reminds me of Mac’s Refuge in Mali. The quality and quantity of food & service is soo different from Amphitheatre I can’t believe anyone would choose to go there. Ed shuttled us to the Baz Bus pickup spot which left at noon…2 hrs in mts./valley & 2 lanes, then 4 lane tollway to JoBurg by 5 – a shuttle taxi at Airport BPers took us to Pretoria & N.S. BPers Hostel. Very good value when the schedule of Baz Bus works.

Things I’ve noticed:

Wht male & female travelers here smoke a lot! More native(blk) women are huge, big butts & overweight. In S. Afr, Moz, & Zim, men & women display a lot more physical contact gender to gender almost never cross gender in public e.g. hugging, holding hands while walking, shaking hands – the 3 step shake!

The bus traveled N. thru sheep, ostrich, & cattle farming/ranching. 1000’s of acres, Bon said this was big Boer/Africans area. Besides grazing, saw 1000’s of acres of corn both harvested and brown standing & waiting for harvest plus lots of fresh tilled ground presumably some grain (wheat?) Lots of wind, saw 8 + old style windmills used for pumping water. Saw biggest and most grain elevators along the way – reminds me of E. WA, E. MT, & N.DAK. Close to JBurg large plots of irrig produce(cabbage, chard, etc) and shanty towns as well as regular US type suburbia.


Don got on 8 am Baz Bus to Nelspruit, B & I went by taxi to Russian Consulate…need health ins document, itinerary arr & lvg doc, takes 24 hrs. Then to Pakistan Consulate nxt door, nice fellow said better to get visa in Istambul, they are scrutinizing all visa apps in S. Afr more.

To China Consulate…need doc giving entry & exit info.

To Indian Embassy…can’t get here, only in JBurg or Durban.

US Embassy doesn’t do addl pages for passports here only in JBurg

Bon to internet all afternoo - write Arden re:Russia, China & India + skype & rental stuff.

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