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Hike in Monk's

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Paid our bill – personnel at Amphitheater Lodge were very uncooperative – esp when we were not interested in any of their trips or activities! Altho they advertise a shuttle it has to fit their schedule & location thus no shuttle to Winterton. Our entire stay it was always their way or no way. No flexibility – once you’re there you’re stuck and it ain’t easy to get there or away!!! Would not recommend staying here to anyone!!

We ended up out on hiway and in just a half hour got a ride from locals in Toyota pickup to Bergville – many whts passed w/ plenty of room. Minibus to Winterton where Ed(owner of Inkosana Lodge) picked us up!! What a difference! He had told us we could get a hitch ride easily but then called Amphitheatre before we left offering the shuttle since he had errands in town. Arr about ll:30 Ed gave us the keys to his car and off we went to Monk’s Cowl Park, half hour up the road. Ed said he gets quite a few escaping from Amphitheatre, in addition to no service the wht staff drinks heavily and the only small lounge area is also smoking area so no alternative for eves!!

Here at Inkosana Ed is the perfect host, and the setting is beautiful w/ 3 fine German shepherd dogs and an old tiny fellow who loves attention! The hike at Monk’s was listed as 6 km to a falls but turned out to be more like 8-9 km – not good for Bon’s hip, especially being a lot of up and down. Beautiful views, I enjoyed the hiking both times but then I don’t have any physical problems(knock on wood Tim).

Ed’s fixed dinner was huge, great food! Met 2 Aussie gals on an around-the-world trip who had spent 3 months volunteering in Tanzania. They confirmed my previous suspicions that Africa is too over run with NGO’s and Africans are only interested in the $$$ it brings!

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