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Protea Going up Sani Pass

Mathew (Red Beard) our Guide Describing the Culture/Environs of Sani

Looking Back at Sani Pass Approach (and tiny spots on green are...

Bon Finally in the Pic - Looking Up Towards the Pass

The Wall of Sani Pass - See Line Near Top Angling Towards...

Now Looking Down At Where We Were

Looking Back Down the Switchbacks We Came Up

Definately Worth the 4WD!

The Gang - Tim, Bon, & Don

Lesotho School Children - School in Backgrnd.

Lesotho Village of Herders

Home Visit

View of Highest Peak in Lesotho Off in Distance

Lunch Stop

Terrain Up Here

And It Only Took Her a Couple Minutes To Build!

Home Visit

Lady of the House - Home Visit

Tim Trying Dutch Oven Bread

Looking Down From the Top of Sani Pass

New Tourist Accomodations - Thatching the Roof

Bon Having a Hot Choc With the Bartender

This Guy WALKS Down the Pass & Back Every Day for Wood

Couldn't take Pic Entering Lesotho, So Leaving was Best we Could do!

Caught a shared taxi to Durban where we checked on Indian visas(missed cansulate being open by 15 minutes so had to wait til 2 when they reopened!)...takes 5 working days for 3 months & need a copy of our itinerary + 840R ($120 US).

In Mtuba we saw our 1st female taxi driver in all of Africa! Passed 1000's of acres of tree plantations and sugarcane fields in rolling hills. Listened to 'famous' evangelist singer Rebecca Malope the whole way!!!

Durban is western almost CA, a big port town(biggest in S.Afr). Onward to Pietermaritzburg(PMB) and then Underberg where driver called Sani Lodge BPers who came(the owner) and picked us up in town - it was dark and lodge is 10 km up Sani Pass Rd which has been under reconstruction & paving 2 yrs +. Big debate over whether it should be done, how far paved up pass, etc.


Mathew our guide up Sani Pass was a veritable treasure of info...sometimes more than we wished to know, ha! It was a WOW experience...saw eland in distant hills - bushmen revere them as well as hunt for meat - believe the power of the animal goes into them, not far from the truth i.e. you are what you eat! Eventually the Brits killed most of the critters the bushmen relied upon so they began stealing animals(all property is communal to bushmen). In response the Brits wiped out the bushmen in the area by 1890. Lesotho = Kingdom in the Sky...Moshoeshoe the Great was founder and 1st king. In 1860 he adopted the western blanket in favor of animal skins so to this day the Lesotho people wear a blanket and rubber boots(another W. item he picked up). JR Tolkien was born in Bloemfontaine near here - the area looks much like Lord of Rings countryside. Saw: Sloggits ice rats, Franklin or spir fowl(?), orange breasted rock jumper, & Tree ferns(100 million year old relics). Motibo is the word for shepherds house(rnd stone & grass thatch cone roof), visited a native woman and family, had dutch oven baked bread & local pissy beer. At 2874 m. high we had drinks in worlds highest commercial pub. Ate lunch at 3240 m. and saw the highest peak S. of Kilomanjaro at 3482 m. Lesotho is the continental divide - Sani R. goes to Atlantic & Uncomas R. flows to Indian O. The population is 97% Christian w/ heavy overtones of ancestor worship - most sq. or rectangular 'new' style homes also have a round traditional counterpart where communing w/ ancestors takes place.

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