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Well, well, well, a 12 hour journey and not an incident to report on it, just a straightforward sleeper train where I got to sleep and woke up where I intended to be, I wish there were more trips like that. I'm not even going to mention the frustrating woman who pleaded to change seats with me because her husband couldn't climb to the upper berth, oops I just did. I joked that she must have booked an upper because my lower was the last seat available on the train but agreed. Then she started pleading with the guard to find her a lower berth but he ignored her and then she asked the 2 guys in the side berths to change which they did. I said that I'd agreed to change but she'd obviously changed her mind by now and wanted a side berth. One of the guys who moved was well over 6 foot tall so I presume he was pleased to move out of the shorter beds at the side.

Just passing through on route from Varanasi back up to the hills. I was expecting heat hell today but found that it was deliciously cool this morning, it couldn't have been any more than 35°C. It's built up all day though and now I'm running from one AC building to another. I said I was going to ride the new Metro system when I was here last month but I never got round to it so I bought a pass this morning and went off joy-riding. It's a lovely system and really hard to believe it's in Delhi or India. The whole system is air-conditioned and they have cafes and shops down there so I might spend the whole evening riding the rails.

Everyone here keeps mistaking me for someone else and he must be a popular guy as they all know him, everywhere I walk they keep shouting "Hello, Rick Shaw?". Boom boom.

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