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I'm here! Well, I actually arrived yesterday but I was only half-here then. After a good sleep last night I'm feeling almost normal. Unfortunately, Christian had no coffee in his apartment, so I scrounged through his cupboards looking for some tea and found a giant bag of Lipton ICE tea - okay, in a pinch for something hot and caffinated - the brewable ice tea works just fine. I enjoyed a lovely cuppa with my Dutch raisin bun for breakfast this morning.

Yesterday, I strolled around the downtown area of Den Haag on the main walking street, and sat at an outdoor cafe people-watching for an hour - one of my favorite European pass times. Daily rant: We need more outdoor eating spaces in Seattle - the weather here is just as gray as Seattle and it seems like every restaurant I passed had an outdoor seating area.

Today, it's a bit wet out this morning so I'm doing some inside stuff and listening to The Mountain on the internet. Later this afternoon, I hope to go see the "Girl with the Pearl Earring" at the Maritzhuis and all the Rick Steves guidebooks in the local bookstore - my brother swears the second floor of this bookstore is packed with 'em.

Tomorrow, I get a tour of the American embassy. Last night when Chris and I were walking around after dinner, he pointed to this ugly concrete building surrounded by a tall, iron fence and said, "What do you think that building is?" The first thing that popped out of my mouth was "A prison." Not exactly. The building is the U.S. embassy. I recall Rick mentioning that he thought the U.S. embassy in Berlin looked like a prison, too. Hmmm...interesting PR campaign the U.S. has come up with!

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