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Home outside Fairford

This was someone's yard!

Can't buy doors like that!


Beautiful meats in Stow-on-the-Wold (town)

The Friebel family-"where to go next?"


Little Emily Friebel

Well, the Friebel family and I headed out from RAF Fairford intending to reach the Warwick Castle as soon as possible, however we discovered some things along the way. The Fairford area and north are part of the Cotswolds. This was is an area that is known for its' wonderful stone/tile. We immediately noticed a difference in the architecture and the materials used to build houses. The towns were neat and clean. Many of the houses/buildings in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas are built with flint stones. They are literally flint stones that are roughly broken and the exposed flint points outward so you get a "pebbled" look, and of course, it lasts absolutely forever! But the towns in the Cotswolds area are built with a beautiful beige stone block style. Almost Roman in structue. You don't have any of the sluffing of the mortor that you get with flint stone housing.

There is a tourist road called the "Romance Route" through the Cotswolds (which we didn't find out about until after the trip!)that takes you through these beautiful little towns and their wonderful shops. If you love antiques, gourmet food and little treasures while you're holding your sweetie's hand, this is the route for you! We couldn't help but stop at a little town called Stow-on-the-Wold. We LOVED it. We grabbed a hefty sandwich of smoked salmon and dill sauce for 3.25 stirling pounds (very good deal) and wandered around the shops. We topped it off with some custard tarts and olives we found in another store. Being well fed and ready to head out, we jumped in the car and headed out once more to Warwick Castle.

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