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Panda at local zoo

water fountain

Population here is an amazing 32 million and I bet you have never even heard of this city before!! It is the major industrial city in China and the air pollution is a testament to it. As we crossed the river you could scarcely the water below due to smog!!

The last train trip was pretty bad, 15 hours, not aircon and really noisy as you needed to keep windows open in the 30+ temp. We went through a lot of tunnels which you could not hear yourself speak as we went through, made the 500 card games hard to place your bid!

Had a lovely day yesterday as we went to a hot spring which had lots of different pools which had different stuff like lemons, pear, cucumber herbal tea in each one. It was $17 to get in which is pricey for China, but we were so pampered. Each time I got out of a pool a fresh towel was wrapped around me on entering the flip flops were neatly arranged. It was great fun trying all the products in the change room. When we arrived an English speaking attendant was excited to speak with our group as she said it was the first time she had ever spoken to a foreigner. This gives a clue to how few Westerners stay over in this city. Very little spoken or written English.

Off to see the pandas at the local Zoo.


Back from the zoo: The taxi driver was a real kamakazi felt like formuala one driving. The pandas were more active than at Beijing zoo, maybe because we were earlier in the day.The big cat area was pretty terrible with many enclosures much the same size as our lounge room for large cats like lions!!

We start the boat trip tonight.

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