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Hello Everybodies,

We are back in Bali at the moment having just returned from Lombok. Lombok was quite an experience which we both enjoyed. After the Earthquake (sorry if we worried anyone!!) it was back to more mundane matters of having a look around the island. We did this again by hiring a moped from the hotel in which we were staying. We took a really long road trip, a la Australia, up the coast heading towards the main volcano. Sarah seems to be facinated by volcanos and suggested that we drive to see the huge one on Lombok. I'm sure that if she wasn't into the whole heart thing she would be a vulcanologist! After 50k's we still could not see the blooming thing so we decided to go and look at some waterfalls instead, (50kms is a long way on a motorbike on Lombok roads!). T'was nice day out apart from the hastle from the locals who demanded that we sign a guest book for the waterfall and then make a donation......because it was their waterfall???

After 5 days on Lombok we headed for the ferry to take us back to Bali. The return crossing was quite simply horrendous! It started out ok and then the swell came which made the small ferry roll all over the place. We decided to sit on the outside on wooden seats (sore bums, owch!) while all the locals sat in the 'lounge'. About half way through he voyage a local mother brought her child to be sick right next to our seats. The splashback went on my feet!!! Said mother then left the sick for someone else to clean up, i.e the vomit-our-us couple Chris and Sarah. Half an hour later the next mother the brought her child to be sick right next to our seats on the otherside. We refused to clear that one up! Sarah did very well and concerntrated on the horizon to stop herself feeling sick. I walked through the 'lounge' when we got to the Bali port and it was pretty much ankle deep in vomit! Like I said, choppy crossing!!!

We got to the Bali port, Padangbai, and booked into a room for 3.50 quid a night (bargain). Its amazing how many cockroaches 3.50 will buy you!! One of them ran up Sarah's leg! You probably have heard the scream in England. Mind you it was the size of a bar of soap and I screeched as i chased it round the bathroom with insect spray.

From Padangbai we went back to Ubud so we could make a trip to see the volcano in Bali (told you she likes them!!) We stayed at the same guest house as before and hired a motorbike from the owner, Gusti, so as to make the trip as cheap as possible. The next day off we went for the 40km trip up to the volcano. It was quite a sight up there and we had a really good drive around. Two episodes ever so slightly soured the day though. The first was on the journey up there when a lady flagged us down to commence a 'religious ceromony' on our motorbike!! She tried to put one of the offering trays on the bike and then splash rice and other things on us and the bike. She then stood there and with her hand held out said "MONEY"! For such a devout nation this seemed like a rather strange way to make money!

Second, when we arrived at the volcano we were trying to find the carpark so we could make one of the climbs up to one of the peaks. A local then came up to us and pointed us in the right direction. He then became our new 'friend' and after a short time he found us again and stated that we would need his guidance to get up the volcano (we found out from a number of people this was completely untrue). After a short discussion in which we politely said we would rather walk up ourselves, he then got angry and stated that he was an official guide and that we should not bother going up the volcano and drive home- he became pretty aggressive. So we did!! Other than that a great day out!

We are at the moment staying in Kuta again in a very cheap room with a mad landlady, 6 sqiuds a night with aircon! We are planning to stay around Kuta until Thursday when we head off to Borneo!!!

Both really well and having a great time.


Chris and Sarah

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