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Memorial to King Sobhuza II

At Memorial to King Sobhuza II

At Memorial to King Sobhuza II

We had checked into tours etc the day before but found them a bit over budget for us so we took off on our own, grabbing a minibus in front of the BPer place and went up the Royal Valley stopping at Lobamba home of the parliament, great museum covering Swazi history in depth(also had more info on the Marula tree which I have mentioned before - Zimbabwe?! - it being sacred, used for fruit, jam,beer, medicinal tea for stomach, dye wood for utensils), the memorial to King Sobhuza II who was king/ruler/president for 62 years leading his country into independence in 1967. Then on to Mbabane where capital used to be under the Brittish who ruled the land for 60 yrs prior to '67.

The valley must be very beautiful but the haze was soo bad we could hardly see the mtns on both sides, steep, rocky towering peaks - lots of commercial ag in the valley. It must be due to the prosperity which has enabled people to buy cars or at least travel by bus a lot. Town of Mbabane is huge retail center - these folks are great consumers, almost everyone is carrying a plastic bag or two of purchases. The markets(saw 2 big ones) are full of oranges,potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, every kind of vegie!! plus pineapple,apples,bananas, pears, apples, mangoes, avocados, ...Got back to Manzini and ckd on minibus to Durban which is where we're headed. Said we pay for full distance even going half to Hlubluwe-Umfolozi NR. First bus leaves about 7 next 8 if enuf people - so another early morning...

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