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Have just fixed up the itinary with the revised tour so hopefully it makes sense! Today we went to Tianamen square and The Forbidden City. It is a huge place with lots of walking. It was interesting to view the lifestyle of the emperor and his household particularly where all his concubines slept their actual rooms and furnishings were on show.

Tonight we take a 6 berth per bay hard sleeper to Shanghai- it will be a 12 hour trip and our longest train trip will be 18 hours!!

Beijings air is terribly polluted- on Friday we went to the Beijing Zoo it was pretty dodgy, but we wanted to make sure we saw the pandas. We saw 3 sleeping pandas and one scratched itself!! Some bits are being upgraded but it will be a race against the clock to have it ready for the tourism with the Olympics. Just walking around our eyes started to burn, visibility was about 2 kms. On the weekeend the air was a lot better, since today is Monday the air pollution is starting to build again.

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