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On the river again

Big croc!

Two toed sloth


Fortuna is a busy tourist town, the main attraction being Volcano Arenal - one of the most active in Central America.

The volcano is often shrouded in cloud but the weather gods must have been smiling on us as we had some great views of the smoking cone. The highlight was an evening trip to the far side of the volcano where we could see and hear red hot lava spewing out of the top of the caldera. No night time photos as unfortunately we couldn´t get the setting right on the camera - far too technical!

Did another morning canoe trip, this time on the Rio Peñas Blancas. Saw two-toed sloths (much more hairy than the three-toed variety) and we paddled right past a large female crocodile with young - luckily she wasn´t hungry!

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