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Only nine days left in Sydney and things are getting busy. We're both working crazy hours at the moment and it's all gone a bit hectic! But that's fine though because we really need the money!

It's very exciting that we'll be heading off, but at the same time we've really got to know Sydney and it's a shame that we're saying goodbye to everyone. Without a doubt - We will be back! We've loved it all here - made some good friends and a nice wad of dosh! (Look out for photos of Gareth and Helen's send off with everyone at Opera Bar next Friday!!)

Obviously Gareth's time at Manpower is coming near to an end, but not without it going absolutely crazy first...!

Gareth's collegue Tim (top man - very good taste in music!) went on holiday for a week and has left Gareth to run the show with fellow brit and *FLASHpacker (Backpacker that refuses to stay in hostels and generally styles it all the way!). It's very very busy at the moment and Gareth's never worked in a role like it. There are always really tight deadlines, with huge amounts of decision making to be done.

Here's an average day for Gareth:

Organise 12 candidates for an assessment.

Run assessment at Manpower.

Take candidates to call centre.

Role plays.

Let the candidates know who has reached or exceded the benchmark.

Never before has a role come along like this - and it's really good!

Alas - he finishes next week, then it's time to do very little for a few weeks!

Sydney is a fantastic city - which has an incredible social scene. We've really enjoyed it! Hope you've loved the photos too. Great stuff!

This weekend is our last in the area, so we're not really sure what we'll do. The chances are we'll style it somewhat and have a few glasses of wine in town!

We hear it's really cold back home. We've been thinking about everyone who is scraping the ice off their car windows! Hehe! Here it's actually a bit too humid at the moment, with us both breaking into rough sweats when we go out int the sun! Sooooo thereeee!!!!

Only 9 days left so we are making the most of it!

Here's our top 20 of things to do in Sydney! Enjoy!! (and feel free to comment folks)

1. Darling Harbour - Cafe scene

2. Harbour Bridge / Climb

3. Opera House

4. Manly

5. Circular Quay

6. Home (Nightclub)

7. Botanical Gardens

8. Coogie

9. Kings Cross

10.Oxford Street

11.Hyde Park

12.Bondi Beach

13.George Street Cinema (ideal when you're skint!!)

14.Sit on the Town Hall steps and watch the city freaks walk past!

15.Take the bus to Palm Beach

16.The 3 Wise Monkeys (Back-pack-a-rama)

17.Hotel CBD (great pub)


19.Paddington market

20.Pitt Street Mall

Ohh yeah. Going to Sydney soon? Mark our words - this list is so accurate!

Anyway. Gotta go. Getting too hot ;-)

See you soon!!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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