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Carnival Pride

Kelly and I finished up our fun in LA. We went to California adventure on Saturday and stayed very late at Disneyland. We used the "Ridemax" program and it worked great. We scheduled our days and followed the ridemax program. Even though the crowds were huge, we got to ride every ride we wanted except for two. The Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland went down the first day and we couldn't get a fast pass. Every time we checked the wait time it was 50 minutes or more. At California adventure we rode everything we wanted except for the Sun Wheel. The wait was always over 40 minutes, but every other ride was less than expected, with none over 15 minutes when we were scheduled to ride, several were no wait at all. The best part was that we had a large break in the middle of the day and went back to the hotel, had lunch and took a nap. Made for a very enjoyable visit.

After Disneyland we drove up the coast from Huntington Beach, expecting to arrive in Malibu a couple of hours later. After 3 hrs, we barely made it half way and were getting crabby. So we changed plans and headed directly to the hotel. The traffic was really bad, we got stuck in the pride parade traffic (which was interesting at least) in Long Beach and everytime we stopped to get something to eat, there was nowhere to park at any price. We did stop at the Long Beach Cruise Port to see the "Pride". Tom and I will cruise on this ship in March from LA to Miami. It was a really dreary port. Nowhere to eat or watch the ship sail. The Queen Mary is there but looks really run down. We used the bathroom, took a pictue and left.

We checked into the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. It was wonderful. Our room was on the 18th floor. It had a great view of the buidling that the helicopter flew through in "Die Hard" We could see the mountians and Downtown LA. After a brief tour of the hotel, we had something to eat and drink in the swanky Regency Club. We were the only ones there and the Conceirge told us about a Kidney foundation benefit that was going on that night and that Samuel Jackson would be there. We saw lots of fancy people arriving in Limos, but didn't see any stars that we knew.

In the morning we went to The Price is Right. We arrived at 7:15 for the 1 PM show, and were numbers 308 and 309. They go through a lenghty numbering and priorty process and we ended up with standby numbers 116 and 117. Turns out we didn't get in to the 1 PM show. But they said we could get stand by numbers 101 and 102 for the 4 PM show. We made lots of friends, had lunch and went back for the 4 PM show at 12:30. We did get into that show and it was lots of fun. Sadly though, we didn't get picked. The announcer Rich Fields is a Gator and pointed us out in the back row. He even asked Kelly several questions. We didn't get out of there until almost 6PM and we were too tired to try to go to any other shows. So we went back to the hotel, had a bite to eat in the Regency Club, packed Kelly up and went to bed.

Yesterday I dropped her off at LAX, checked into the Summerfield Suites, and swapped the car. Then it was off to work. I did a pre-list and got a permit to work then got 2 interviews.

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