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Dave's Backyard - Huntington Beach CA

Dave's #2

Sydney - Darling Harbour

Dragon Boat Races - Darling Harbour

J with Cat Sailboat

Sydney Opera House

Sailboats at Sydney Harbour Mouth

View towards Bronte Beach - Sydney

View beyond Bronte in Sydney

Bondi Beach - Sydney

Wear Sunscreen (more than I did anyway!)

FYI - Both Ry & I are updating and writing portions so tenses will be mixed as will the story teller.

LA - We actually stayed in Huntington Beach, just south of Long Beach. Ry's good friend from high school Dave Jorris lives there and had some spare room for us. Went to the beach one day and spent the other making final preparations. We were able to hang out with him after his work both days and met his awesome girlfriend Diana. Dave Dropped us at LAX for our flight.

Day 1:

Arrived in Sydney and spent the day walking around the town. Pics of Chinese New Year Celebraton show the Darling Harbour and Dragon Boat Races. Spent the night in a 10 person dorm. It was a really fun group all brits and a hilarious Dutch guy. We all went out for a few beers.

Day 2:

Went to Manly Beach via the harbor ferry. Taking the ferry was awesome. You depart from a wharf that is right next to the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge and then proceed to thru the harbor to the mouth of the ocean. Manly beach was fun. Jay and I went swimming in the ocean. Nice warm water with decent sized waves. Went for a run after swimming. Jay and I have been really good about working out everyday and eating healthy.

Day 3: Went for a run and ended up crossing the harbor bridge. The people in Australia are so active. There are people working out everywhere. Jogging across the bridge, I was suprised to see how many people walk to work. The view from the middle of the bridge was great. You look down on the opera house and out over the harbor. After we finished working out we went to Bondi Beach. At Bondi we stayed in a fairly shady hostel. It was run down, dirty, and over priced. At least it was only for a night. I surfed for a couple of hours. It was pretty ugly. I kind of got up twice. I was dead tired by the time I was done. Jay swam while I surfed and ended up getting a little sunburned on his back.

Day 4: We woke up and went for a walk South along the coast to Bronte Beach. I needed a rest day and it was good to walk and work out with Jay. We spent the rest of the day in shade reading and killing time till we had to go to the airport. Got to the airport early and had a couple hours to kill. Just when we were to board it was announced that they needed a pilot for the plane so we would be over an hour late. Ended up more like 2 hours late so we arrived late in Cairns, but found a great cheap hostel that came and picked us up. Wicked hot and humid, but four fans in our room and windows open made it quite tolerable.

Day 5/Today: We woke up and worked out. I went for a run down by the water. We just got back from getting groceries. We have been preparing all our own meals since we got here. It is great because it is cheap and we've been eating really healthy.

We are going to plan a trip to the reef for tomorrow for snorkeling and then the following day head down to Mission Beach.

All in all things are going great. Australia does not have the culture of SE Asia, but the travelers we have met have been really cool although some what immature, more of a party crowd. I guess that is what a lot of people come here to do. You can do a lot with out spending too much money and the country side is unique and beautiful.

Happy Birthday Josh!, would call, but it's rather pricey everywhere so far. Thought I had missed it, but it's still the 22nd there.

We'll get some pictures up soon and send another notice. Until then, we hope this finds you all well.

Ry & J

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