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Our veranda and hammock for the week in San Pedro

The view of the Santiago Atitlan and Toliman volcanoes over the prow...

Hemp, Angie, Kai and Sam on our ultra safe roof Friday night

The remainder of the week at San Pedro was relaxing as all hell. The place is really quite nice . . . the views are gorgeous, the life is laid back, the food is great and the prices are LOW. Plus there are lots of cool things to do around the lake, though there are plenty of fantastic stories of machete wielding robbers. It's hard to get too cocky, but I think Sam would probably be able to take on at least two Guatemalans, machetes or no. Anyway, most mornings we got up and bought some pineapple and yogurt and dined on granola, yogurt and fruit at our place. Also, there were always women selling these delicious loaves of banana and coconut bread, so we purchased many of these for whatever meal seemed most appropriate.

On Friday, Sam and I boarded a boat for Santiago Atitlan, another village about 20 minutes away from San Pedro. The town was a bit of a letdown: there were a hundred little kids trying to take us to the effigy of Maximon (which is pretty much the same thing as San Simone), a million tourists perusing a bunch of crap, very aggresive vendors and a rundown, creepy church. We actually lost a day of lying around in our hammock and swimming for this! But we did want to see at least on of the other villages around the lake.

Friday night was both the last day of our classes and our friend HempelĀ“s birthday, so we commenced our evening at a Thai restaurant called Tin Tin, then moved to the roof of our place for some wine. Before anyone comments on the intelligence of this action, I'll let you know that there is a tiny piece of rope preventing anyone from falling off of the roof, so stop worrying! After tempting fate for nearly an hour, we then moved to the dock by Hemp and Angie's for more imbibing.

On Saturday, Hemp, Angie, Sam and I rented kayaks and paddled across the lake to some large rocks and cliffs near San Marcos la Laguna for a little swimming and cliff jumping. The trip across the lake in a double kayak took about an hour, and it was probably the best way possible to see the lake and its surrounds, though at times we were a bit concerned about sinking. Really quite amazing. When the lady offered us salvavidas (life vests), we all looked at each other and decided (intelligently) that they were unnecessary. Hmmmmm.

Early Saturday, the four of us decided that we wanted to climb the San Pedro volcano early Sunday morning (which looms behind San Pedro la Laguna). The next posting covers this trip and the rest of the weekend . . .

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