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Sunrise on the jungle train

Some passengers getting on the train

Scenery from the Jungle Train

Children at a station

Our fellow passenger, having got off, can't remember the train smelling too...

View across the jungle

The Jungle Train at one of the many stations

The Jungle Train in the Jungle!!

One of the many pretty stations along the way

One last view of the jungle from the train!!

Two sore bums and 14hrs on a train later we can now say that we've been on a railway that goes straight through the jungle!

The scenery was great - loads of green trees, but not much wildlife in sight. Other attractions to distract us on the train included a cockroach infestation!! The train was a mailtrain with carriages attached. There was only one class of ticket available - 3rd, but if you were lucky you could get a soft seat to sit on rather than a hard bench. The choice between hard and soft seat was more difficult than it seemed - the soft seats were pretty comfortable, but were also where the cockroaches had generally setup home, so you had to be armed with a big book or shoe while sitting in them, so every now & then the hard seats provided some respite from them!!

We arrived at Gemas at just before 8pm (after a 6am start) Our hopes of local commerce kicking in and getting us to Melaka that evening back-fired when prices of taxis were multiplied by 10 as soon as they saw 2 western backpackers!! In the end we got a room at a local motel, and headed straight to a bar to get a well earned bottle of Tiger after the day's journey!

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