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Colonial Architecture in Town - Tim & Don

Colonial Architecture in Town - Art Nouveau

Our Home in Inhambane

Downtown Inhambane - Main St

Left Pink Papaya in company of Bendito(guard) at 3 for bus 6 blocks away. When we arrived no one was awake. We sat down and waited while others(3) arrived. About 4 the driver told us he was not going today!!! The others said they heard there was another bus going somewhere down the street. We followed and lo and behold not a 22 passenger bus but a full sized bus, aircon, express! Loading/loaded...we paid $40 US each( $4 more than the minivan) got seats second from the back row, but at least we were on and it left right at 4:30 just when Annya said it would.

Didn't see much, the bus really trucked along on very smooth roads for the first 3-4 hours. When it lightened up the countryside was the same flat, forest savanna, green w/ vegetation we have witnessed thruout the area. The road did deteriorate some for about a third of the way before it got better again. We did get a chicken/rice lunch included in price when we got off in Maxixe to get ferry across to Inhambane. Once across we walked the 300 m to Pensao Pachica run by a S. African who moved here 7 yrs ago and has owned the place for 3 years gradually improving it. The dorm is hardly much to write home about but definitely a step up from the govt. dorm at Great Zim! I always find it hard to adjust to humidity, by bloody noses come more freq inland where it is dry so there are always trade offs.


Denis(owner) & Cynthia (gal who takes $$ and waits tables) both are very nice and friendly...we eat an expensive breakfast(big but too much $$) but resolve not to eat here again. Slept quite well even with very little ventilation. We roamed around town quite a bit last nite after internet, being a peninsula its hard to get really lost but can get confused, ha! I think the contrast betw Zim & Moz people is quite drastic...the Zim folks are smiles and laughter even given their dire straights, Moz folks seem stern and even grim, difficult to get a smile from them or even a greeting. This is the only country where upon leaving a bus stop I looked out the window and a young man w/ a fierce look gave me the finger!!! Can't understand it, some sort of anger there...from years of civil war???!

5-14 & 15

We found that sleeping in the dorm was not so bad if you waited til at least 8 to go in, by then the air had cooled. The place gets real quiet about that time anyway and by 9 most everyone is gone, place pretty much is shut down. The price is right and Bon has been wanting to get more info on visas for 'stans' anyway, I do the web stuff and the internet is not expensive(altho slow). Found a fine little restaurant just down the street which has a limited menu but good and cheap food.

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