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So I went to sleep on Saturday night on the plane and woke up on Monday morning in Fiji. I hear that Sunday was a good day though and I feel bad I missed it. ;-)

The flight was great: I had a whole row to myself and, as per usual, slept for most of the ride. For the little time that I spent awake, I did get to see the moon shining over the vast expanse of clouds. We were 38000 feet above land and the moon lit up the puffy landscape with this silvery pale blue light. It was very ethereal and I was grateful. Later, I looked out the window to see total darkness--reminding me of the words to part of an Irish song: "Night is darkest just before the dawn."

Right now, it is still very hot and quite a bit humid even at almost 7 p.m., a full 15 hours ahead of New Jersey. I spent most of the day by the pool covered in sunscreen and bug spray as I am getting nothing but love from the mosquitoes down here. Argh. Fortunately, I got out of the sun before I got too much color (and after 5 cases of sun poisioning, who says I don't learn?)

Tomorrow, I am going on an all day cruise to Tivua Island on a tall ship, complete with a mast and sails. The pictures in the brochures look beautiful, so hopefully, it will be a lot of fun. Or, I am going to end up in a row boat with a sheet as a sail. Keep your fingers crossed for me. They give you lunch, snorkeling and canoe rides, so I am really excited.

The lodge at which I am staying is the epitome of tropical: the walls are painted vibrant shades of chartreuse, orange, magenta and sea blue and most of the place is all open. The breeze comes from all over and, with the fans, the open breezeways help to keep a lot of the temperature down. The room I am staying in has 2 bunk beds, for four people, but right now, it is just me and a girl from England. Both of us have already laid claim to the lower beds. There is a shower and a toilet in the room and air conditioning. Three nights with airport transfer was $62, so not too bad.

The local Fiji brand of beer is this squat little brown bottle with a simple label on it that says either Fiji bitter or Fiji gold. I went with the Bitter. The bartender is a young kid who has been playing Christina Aguilera and Eminem. I can't believe that this is the culture we export. Jeez.

I tried to upload pictures tonight (after buying an hour card) only to find out that the computer won't let you download anything. Tomorrow, after the boat, I will stop in Martintar to upload at an internet cafe down there.

Anyway, miss you all and love you lots, but more importantly I wish you were here. (This way, the mosquitoes would have someone else on whom to dine.) Hahaha.

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