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The beautiful beaches of Stewart Island!#!#!!!

Stewart island - it's all bush and beach - seriously there's nothing...

The only living thing on the island........WOOD PIDGIOENS!!!!!

We went across to Stewart Island this morning. On our first day I reckon we just about covered more than half the roads, because the town was so small!

It had a 4 square, a fish & chips shop, a T shirt place and a restaurant at the hotel, but it was pricey! Our walk was about around two hours and we saw beaches and things , and the bush - NZ stuff. The lady at our hostel said that there was little blue pengins that come across the path at the end of the bluff when the lighthouse flashes twice. We saw a couple of sea lions come up down on the rocks but no penguins. Well the lighthouse flashed about 20 times and there were still no pengins. A lady took a group of bird watchers up and they were all looking and pointing. We asked them where they were and they all pointed out to us where they were, but we couldn't see a thing. They were pointing at shags and sheerwaters! She said the penguins didn't come out till about 10-11 at night - if we were lucky!! So we very disappointedly walked back to our hostel with our torches shining, leading us home.

he next day we went for a walk to Lee bay, which was a 7km walk (there and then 7kms back)

Thats where "The big chain" was. For those of you who don't know what "The big chain" is. To cut a long story short, Maoris thought that Maui was in a big waka (the South Island) and went fishing and pulled up a huge fish (the North Island). The anchor of his waka was Stewart Island. Thats what the chain symbolises.

Someone on the island didn't like this chain, so he got out his shot gun and shot 3 holes in it. As punishment he had to mow the lawns around the chain for a couple of months.

We explored the rocks and found some awesome seaweed. On the way back I found some Cool as paua shells.

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