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Yay! News of the impending visit!

Ana Matronic gets signing for all the kids

The band sign all the bits and bobs for the fans

The queue in the record shop - we just pushed in instead!!

The album that has been in the UK for years has only...

All very polite and well mannered isn't it?

It was cool - but we didn't bother queueing up to see...

The bass guitar dude signs some photos

Excited fans queue up with their posters. Lovely. Very keen and all...

Oxford Street - Sydney... a more, shall we say, liberal area of...

Oxford Street - looking towards the CBD

Helen outside a funky Chinese shop in town. We have no idea...


We had a cool brush with fame (ish) today when we cruised down to Hum Records on Oxford Street to check out the Scissor Sisters. They are nowhere near as big here as they are in the UK, so it meant that we could go and see them, take a few photos pretty much without even having to queue up! Obviously if the same thing happened in the UK we wouldn't get anywhere near them so it was pretty good stuff! Having recently won three BRIT awards, they're are getting bigger and bigger, whereas over here they've only just released their first album!


So nice...

Other news that will amuse you...

We saw Missy Higgins playing live at Darling Harbour in a free concert given by MTV, but sadly it turns out that most people outside of Aus have never heard of her... hehe


You'll like this! Gareth's Manpower collegue Suzana calls him "DASH", after the little kid that zips about everywhere in The Incredibles!!! Eeek.

Anyway - have fun - enjoy the photos folks.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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