Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Villa Romantica

Last breakfast at Villa Romantica; clockwise from left, Howard, Melanie, Heather, Mark,...

Ready to depart Villa Romantica.

This is what happens if you try to check out without paying.

Waiting at the Quepos bus stop.

Quepos bus stop scene.

Fruit "stand" across from bus stop.

Somewhat rusted bridge!

Selling pipa fria on the bus.

The Last Supper; Melanie, Vegard, Kim, Brian.

We're off to see the wizard.

Hi All,

Today was our trip back to San Jose.

We took a taxi to the bus terminal.

Six of us were leaving at 9.30am and the rest later in the day.

We took a public bus which was fine. It was not air conditioned, but the windows were open and we got enough fresh air.

The trip took four hours and went from the west coast to the middle of the country through the central mountain range.

When after an hour more passengers came on the bus, a man with 'pipa fria' for sale in small plastic bags came in the bus and sold quite a few.

Pipa fria is cold coconut juice. It tastes very good and is very cheap.

After about two hours we had a peebreak where we could buy refreshments.

After that break it was climbing into the mountains. We went across the continental divide. We had some beautiful views.

For the rest the trip was uneventful. One of the young women from our group had a much less pleasant experience. They were waiting for the bus in Quepos at 12 noon and someone asked her something just before she boarded the bus. She turned to answer him and then someone else stole her small carry on bag which had her money, credit cards and passport in it. Of course she was very upset. Later at dinner she was okay. She reported the theft and is going to the embassy tomorrow to get a new passport.

We arrived at our hotel at about 2pm. It is quite the experience in a strange country to take the bus, be dropped off at a bus stop and then just take a taxi and they drive you to where you need to be while we had no idea in what part of the city we were and where the hotel was. It is really a matter of trusting the taxi driver. That is why we are always advised to take only a taxi that is registered!

We settled in our room and then went into the centre of the city to do some banking and some souvenir shopping. There is an artisan market right in the centre where lots of stuff made by local artisans is for sale. It was raining. As soon as the rain starts umbrella sales people immediately sprout up in the street.

The temperature stays the same {around 21 degreees celcius| and so the people do not put a jacket on, but carry and umbrella. The rainy season is starting so we can expect rain every afternoon.

We were successful in getting what we wanted and headed back to the hotel.

We had a goodbye dinner as a group. They were neat people, 7 middle aged and the rest were younger {late twenties, early thirties}.

Tomorrow off to the Poas volcano and more things! Out last day of just trodding off and live a life of leisure!


Eke and Brian.

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