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Up at 5:15, taxi to town, got on bus to Nata...the last 3 seats on fullsized bus at 5:45. It left at 6:20 totally full w/ passengers in the the aisle! Found out it was a holiday - Labor Day in Botswana & Zambia. In Nata by 9:30 but the two small 22 passenger buses there when we arrived were packed to the gills. We waited at the bus stop w/ lots of others - watching buses come/go to Maun & Francistown(everywhere EXCEPT where we were headed) and the drivers always saying "It's coming soon" when we asked about the bus for Kazungula (the ferry Xing to Zambia). Finally, at noon - we'd begun to try hitching w/ anyone going our way - the "big" bus to Kazungula/Kasane pulled up. Standing room only but on our way...we had to shove/push/mash our bags into tiny spaces in the underneath baggage holds. As it turned out the road was quite pot holed(they spent $$ on signs warning of 'Potholes Ahead!') so we passed most of the vehicles we'd asked since they had to travel quite a bit slower. Finally got to a stretch of good road, actually the last half of the distance which we covered in one hour - the previous half had taken 3 hours!

Just in time for the ferry and cruised thru immigration*(leaving & entering), plus our taxi driver was the same one who had transported us to Livingstone the day Bon was sick...remembered us before we remembered him, ha! Now in Jolly Boys Bpacker for a couple of days before crossing into Zim & Vic Falls. Have to do research on Zim and try to put together an estimate of $$ we'll need for the approx. 8 days we'll be travelling there. Since they really only deal in US dollars anymore, we've got to change $$ from Zambian kwatcha to US...

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