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Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach 2

View from the bus - before we got pulled over

View #2 from the bus - after we got pulled over

The breakfast bar at my first hostel, in Nadi

The pool - as seen from the breakfast bar

Well, its 12:30pm on February 18th and I am sitting in a small badly lit internet cafe. There is no air conditioning anywhere and the temperature in this room is over 80 degrees. However, Fiji is amazing. Just the scenery is gorgeous. Where i am is just houses and fields but in the background there are large mountains with the clouds covering their tips - everything is covered in thick green foliage like a rainforest.

The hotel where I am staying is about 10 minutes out of town. There is a small pool but that is all you need - no one has the energy to do anything but just laze around with various limbs dangling into the cooler water (not that the pool is that much cooler that the outside temperature). My dorm room houses 15 other backpackers - 15 other hot, sweaty people. Surprisingly though, it is easy enough to fall asleep even though three small ceiling fans don't really provide much comfort.

One thing that amazes me is the concept of public transportation. There are buses that go everywhere on the island but, from what I can tell, you basically stand on the side of the street and wait for a car that is going in your direction to stop - public transportation is hitchhiking - pretty cool concept. Each ride is about 50 fijian cents (about 30 american cents.

Yesterday, me and two other people went to the nearby beach called Natadola Beach - it was voted the second best beach in the world in 2000 (I really want to know what the No 1 Beach is). The water was amazingly warm and clear - there was nothing but a sandy floor so not much fun to snorkel but still a great beach just to float around in the water for hours on end. I got just a little burnt - in sploches - I now know exactly where I forgot to put sunscreen. Oh well - you live you learn.

The excitment came when we were leaving - the van we used to get out there wouldn't start. So the three of us from the hostel and two girls from Malaysia that were hitchhiking had to push the van until we reached enough of a hill so that it could start. Luckily it did - but then half way back we got pulled over by the police for having an invalid registration card for the car we were driving - so much excitement on my first day. Last night a band came by and performed a Kava ceremony - you basically sit in a circle and sing songs and drink kava, which is their national alcoholic drink (it tastes like dirty water). I had about five helpings of that before deciding that I had better go to bed.

Anyway, having an awesome time - hope everyone is doing well. Email me with all the news.

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