Bernadette's and Gary's Teardrop Trips, starting March 28, 2008 travel blog

Saturday, March 29

Off we go, to Chicago. We left relatively early and we wanted to travel for a while and then get breakfast on the road, which we did.

We cruised into Chicago at about 3:00 PM. The game plan was to meet Luke at the studio that he was working. He has begun sculpturing again, after a period of time not doing it. He has met some local artists and is currently working with them.

Chicago traffic is, as usual, bad. But we found him at the address given to us, thanks to the GPS. We met Luke, toured the studio and then went to pick up Kerin, at school.

We then went back to their house to sit for a while and visit. The dogs remembered us. They were in good spirits.

We took Luke back to the studio to get ready for the "pour" that evening. Kerin, Bernadette and I then went to a Greek deli for dinner and returned to the studio after dinner for the "pour" party. It was cold, so we didn't stay long.

We returned home and got a good night's sleep. More tomorrow.

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