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Now you just know that we love to talk about all things TV! There's some great stuff out here (and also some equally naff tele) that we just have to tell you about!


Oh yes - they just love this prog out here! On every Thursday on Channel 7 at 8.30pm! It's all about a bunch of people that are involved in a plane crash on a random island near Fiji. To make matters worse the plane was a 1000 miles away from where it should have been when it went down, so no-one is getting rescued for a while. To make matters worse, it turns out the island is full of big nasty beasts, a la Jurassic Park. Hmm. Started well, but is fading fast...

The Amazing Race

Are you guys getting this stuff back in the UK?! This program is fantastic! The theory behind the show is that about 12 teams of two (ex's, married, engaged, best friends, business partners etc etc) head around the world on a big exciting Phileus Fogg type race. It's not the program that is any good however, it's the people! The good old American boys and girls are just great to watch - always gung ho, overly motivated and very emotional. The best bit so far was when they all had to drive a manual car and were constantly stalling, thus cursing etc. Fantastic TV - not a dry eye in the house!!

Those are two shows that are sticking out at the moment - however Little Britain is huge here (Weds 9.30pm!) and of course The Office is on too.

We also thought you might like to see one of the only lifelines the british backpackers have to home, the good old faithful weekly rag, British Balls magazine, which is always complete with the latest gossip, footy scores and soap banter from home!

So there - another snapshot from Aus ;-)

Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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