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Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know we're all doing well. We're in

Malacca on the southwest coast of Malaysia, very old city on the

strait of Malacca with an interesting colonial past (portuguese,

dutch, british), and fascinating blending of cultures. Excellent

Chinatown - we'll be checking out the nightmarket shortly.

After Penang, we spent 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur, which was pretty

manageable given that it's such a large city. Again, fascinating mix

of cultures, and very modern all in all. We went to a very

interesting Museum of Islamic Arts (Asha and Kale were very patient

with us that day!), and we were treated to regular sounds of the call

to prayers from our neighborhood mosque. Have seen lots of mosques

from the outside, but not so much from the inside. Also lots of

buddhist, hindu, sikh, and chinese temples, plus churches depending

where you go.

The kids are both doing well, Kale shows no sign of thrush

or diaper-rash, and is sleeping well and happy. I think he'll take his

first steps in teh next few weeks, as he is now very comfortable

pulling himself to standing and is more sure on his feet. He practices

standing and crawling whenever we give him the chance in our hotel

room (sometimes we're out all day), seems very motivated and happy,

and continues to make lots of friends here, as does Asha. Asha was

very excited to go up a cable car in Langkawi, a funicular up Penang

hill, and then the "skybridge" of the Petronas towers (highest twin

towers in the world, 450 m, though the bridge is less than 200 m;

unfortunately we only were allowed 10 minutes on it, and Asha and I

spent about 8 minutes making a big girl pee in the skybridge

bathroom!), as well as the KL metro. We also toured Penang by bicycle

"tri-shaw" by night, which was very exciting for Asha (they also have

them here so we may do that, as well as a riverboat tour). The

petronas towers also have a great playground and waterpark which was a


The cuisine here is excellent, and perhaps even better than Thailand

(although we were very happy eaters there!). We've been eating really

well. Excellent Indian food. Asha gets a dosa for every breakfast, and

the rotis and fresh juice and yogurt shakes are divine (although

everything's really sweetened). We had some great carrot halva at an

indian vegetarian place in KL. The Malay-Chinese hybrid "Nyonya"

cuisine is also excellent, and Malacca is an epicentre for that -

spicy and very tasty. We even had a durian dessert today at lunch

(shaved ice, durian syrup-y paste, red beans, green sweet noodles, all

mixed together).

Not sure where we're headed next, but probably will move on in the

next couple days, perhaps elsewhere in Malaysia, perhaps further south

like Singapore (4.5 hr bus from here). Although Singapore is pricier,

it may be interesting for a bit, and they have an excellent zoo. Still

haven't ruled out Indonesia, and flying back to Thailand, rather than

go back overland. We'll probably head back to Thailand by mid-April

sometime. We want to spend a bit more time snorkeling in Ko Muk and

enjoy the beach. In Ko Muk, after we left the lodgings where we spent

the night with a family of rats (!), we found a really nice place to

stay with an amazing all you can eat buffet breakfast included (even

better than the Regina Inn!), and no rats either!

OK, that's all for now, must get everyone packed up to eat and hit the

night market.


Saleem, Jen, Asha and Kale

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