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Grandpa Dewayne and Baby Luke

Lori, Luke, Granny Jo Jo and Grandpa Dewayne

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Really cute pengins swimming at Lowrey Park Zoo

Today was a really nice day in Detroit. It was sunny, 74 degrees with a light breeze. I did 5 interviews, two outside on lovely front porches. Even though it's warm and sunny. There are not as many visual signs of spring as I would expect. Lawns are green and trees are budding. But there doesn't seem to be as many bulbs flowering as I expect. The magnolia and forsitha are blooming, some peonies and hostas are pushing up, but only few daffodils and hyacithns are in bloom.

I did't take any pictures today so here's a few more from while I was home. Mary Jo and her new grandbaby Luke (aka Josh) and the better video of the penguins at the zoo for Chrissy to enjoy.



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