Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Starting the journey back to civilization

This what the road to civilization looks like.

¨Had to get off to cross a ¨bridge¨.

This is the bridge.

Our transportation waits while we take a pee break.

An iguana in San Carlos.

Got room for one more?

Iguanas in the trees

The first to blink is the loser.

Nurturing nature

A protest blockade

Hello All,

Up at 5.45am. We negotiated with the four of us what time to get up because there was no way to get up and to let the others sleep!

We packed, wore the only dry clothes we had and had breakfast at 6.30am. It was a cloudy but rather dry morning!

We boarded our wagon at 7am and then it was back on the mechanical bull! It was easier though because it was mostly downhill. It was dry most of the time. We only had to leave the wagon twice; once for a bridge and the other for a peebreak.

We arrived at base camp at 10.45am and got out of our rubber boots, put on some clean clothes from our big bags (if we needed to) and got onto a very comfortable bus.

We drove for about an hour and had lunch back in civilization in Los Chiles!

Then we drove for a while and stopped in San Carlos where the iguanas are walking on the street and love to take food from your hand. We also had another ice cream which was delicious.

Arrived in La Fortuna at about 3.30pm, got a briefing on what all there is to do around here and made some reservations for the next couple of days. We are staying here three nights. This is a real tourist town, everything built up around the volcano Arenal. Sort of like Orlando around Disney World.

After that we dropped our stuff of at the hotel, took a much needed (hot) shower and went by bus to the lookout point from where we could see red lava erupt from the volcano Arenal. It spews some lava every 2 minutes at least. We did not see a lot, but enough to know that it is active!. This volcano had a huge eruption in 1968 when 100 people were killed and two villages destroyed. Three more times, the last one being in 2003 there were some eruptions which did not destroy anything. The small eruptions nowadays are not dangerous because the volcano is releaving the pressure every day.

We had pizza and juice on the bus in the dark.

Brian and I had had it by that time. We had been travelling since 7am and by then it was 8pm. Others went to the hotsprings, but we were delivered at the hotel and watched CSI to just relax and numb out!

The first night in a regular bed with air conditioning in the room!

What luxury!

See you tomorrow.

Brian and Eke.

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