Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

A ¨Jesus Christ¨ lizard. (They run across the water.)

Our transport.

Sunday Go To Meetin'

Soccer by the sea (in Tortuguero)

Soccer Groupies

A rusted out bulldozer

Eke buying an orange. It cost 10 cents.

Downtown Tortuguero.

Suburban Tortuguero

Tortuguero Kids

Kids playing in the ditch

"Toilets for sale or rent"

Brian heading into the Supermarket

Lazing around at Miss Junie's

Nice smile.

Spider monkeys sleeping in the trees.

One of Eke's favourites.

A grey heron.

They're everywhere.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the emails! We are glad your finger is feeling better Pietsje and that you are enjoying the updates; Bruce, retirement feels very good for Brian and he does enjoy all the good food here. Tony, a little shock to hear you had pneumonia, please get better soon. You are probably on pins and needles to start work.

We got up, had a quick breakfast at the German bakery next door and boarded the bus at 7.30am.

We ¨hobbled¨ the first 5km again because of the gravel road with lots of potholes, then we drove to Limon. Of course it was raining.

We have to mention that , yes, it rains a lot, but it does not interfere with our enjoyment or activities. The rain belongs here: heat and rain makes this country's vegetation so lush.

In Limon we stocked up on essentials such as chocolate bars, chips and cookies. Then it was on to Moin to board our boat. To say it was a luxury cruise would be extending the truth by quite a bit.

We drove through several rivers and canals and saw egrets, iguanas, monkeys, sloths, and even three crocodiles. We are always amazed how our boat drivers and guides see the animals in the trees or the water. We have to be told where to look a few times before we can even begin to see something! One crocodile was sunning and invited us to have a look at his teeth by opening his mouth wide open. We declined the invitation! It reminded us to keep limbs in the boat.

Also we saw turtles, tiger herons, anhingas and rosetta spoonbills (a type of flamingo with a spoon-shaped bill).

We had lunch on the way at a very nice restaurant in the middle of the wilderness at the water's edge. Then it was on to Tortuguero where we arrived (again for us)at 3pm.

Our hotel was waterfront and it was comfortable. They have tile floors in the rooms which makes a lot of sense when you think of all the sand and mud that we traipse in.

The rooms are on the ground floor with a door to the outside. The sunset from our window was really nice.

We went for a walk into ¨town¨and watched part of a soccer game between two teams of Tortuguero. They were quite good at the game and especially Brian enjoyed it. The Main (mud) street is lined with houses and shops. We had our first ice cream cone since being in Costa Rica and enjoyed it tremendously. Some boys were playing in the muddy puddles with sticks - same as anywhere else in the world!

Dinner at Miss Junie·s where we are staying, was delicious with pork, chicken and fish.

After dinner at 8pm when it was already dark, I went for a beach walk with a guide and some more members of our group to see if we could find a leatherback turtle laying her eggs on the beach. We walked for two and a half hours, but no turtle to be seen.

It was a great walk though: a clear moon, the ocean waves rolling in and a nice warm temperature. Realizing that I was walking on the beach in Costa Rica, listening to the waves rolling in and looking for turtles was enough to make me feel very thankful.

After two and a half hours we gave up and went to bed!

By the way, I had my first cold shower of the trip!

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