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Mari & Tim in Front of Mineral Gallery

Tortoise - Leopard?

Tortoise - Leopard?


Zebra - Note Brown Stripes Betw Black!

Better View of Zebra Close Up


Ostrich - Black Male, Grey Female








Masai Giraffe

Tim, Hans, & Maxi at Sinkhole

The Sinkhole - Was Water Supply for Tsumeb until Roof Collapsed

At morning lite we determined by the LP and Mari reconnoitering that we were only 3 blocks from Mousebird Backpackers, ha! But of course we wouldn't have wanted to pay for an ON for just a couple hours sleep anyway. The owner who greeted us at 7 am(along with a dog or two in every yard along the way - this is a very upscale neighborhood) said she had waited til 3 when she was just too cold to wait any longer and left. No apology necessary from out point of view.

What countryside we saw yesterday traveling thru the Caprivi Strip(a point of Namibian country which extends into the interior of Africa to access minerals in the Congo due to Germany's insistence prior to independence in 1997) was boring - savanna and flooded savanna...mostly low trees and brush.

After resting from our bus experience we looked into car rentals...Bon is feeling much better today after resting most of the morning, though her sore throat persists. It is a beautiful, sunny, windy day.... We discover that renting a car may be pricey but may be the only way to see some of the sights this country has to offer. Their transportation system leaves something to be desired for the independent traveler w/o a vehicle. Sort of like trying to get on a computer in the US when you don't own your own.

Mari heads off to the museum, Bon & I to the internet where an hour later the power goes off and I lose everything I've put in PLUS have to pay the $7 US that I spent on the computer, what a rip! In the eve we have a good discussion with a young couple, Miguel & Ribecca who quit their jobs in Phily to travel the world for 5-6 months.

This country exists on the upper level of Africa's economies due to a wide variety of minerals left volcanically here(over 200) some very rare. Tsumeb primarily is a copper mining area but in the south near the S. African border they have some of the richest diamond mines in the world as well.

Apr 22

Met Hans & Maxi, retired couple from Hamburg, Germany at breakfast. They said we could join them on their trip into Atosho NP today in their extended cab pickup. They came to Namibia for their daughter's wedding celebration in March and now using her vehicle are sightseeing the country. Great folks, great day, beautiful weather...spent the entire day in the park viewing critters - lots of giraffe, springbok, and zebra. See entry for wildlife viewing in the different parks for a complete list.s

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